Total Addressable Market (TAM) is the total demand or revenue opportunity that exists within a specific market for a particular product or service. It represents the maximum potential for a business, assuming optimal market conditions and market penetration.

ICP Components


Buyer Personas

We conduct a thorough analysis of your target audience by examining intricate demographic details, behavioral patterns, motivational factors, and specific goals within different segments.



We understand the potential value a customer can bring to your business over time.


Org Structure

We gain insights into the organizational structure of companies that align with your ideal customer profile to ensure that your marketing and sales efforts are directed towards those who can make purchasing decisions.



We use technographics intelligence to align your product with your Ideal Customer Profile's tech stack, enhancing targeting precision for evolving tech needs.

What We Provide

Market Insights

  • Provide insights into the market your business operates in.
  • Provide persona counts in relation to the target market.
  • Provide technographics data, adaptation, de-adaptation, and next tech purchases.
  • Spotlight the market's key influencers for a captivating glance.

Tam Analysis

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the Total Addressable Market for your specific products or services.
  • Showcase the potential opportunities within the market.

How TAM Can Help You

Guides strategic planning with a clear view of market potential.

Optimizes resource allocation by targeting the most lucrative segments.

Provides a competitive advantage through informed decision-making.

Facilitates measurable growth by aligning with the total addressable market.

ICP | TAM Creation & Workflow Process