87% of Accounts Don’t Buy, Target The Ones Who Will

Why Proplus Data

We are the Prospect Intelligence and Insights provider that unlocks the potential of your data with our state-of-the-art Prospect Intelligence & Insights.

We don't just provide information; we deliver precision that empowers strategic decision-making. Just as your business is exceptional, so are our solutions. Experience the flexibility of customized data services designed to meet your specific needs and goals.


Our advanced data intelligence and insights ensure 100% accuracy, empowering you to tailor results to your target audience.

Global Reach

We have an immense global reach in EMEA and APAC regions with presence in 70+ countries.

Comprehensive data solutions

We specialize in delivering comprehensive data solutions, ensuring precise targeting in high-profile campaigns.

Prospect Intelligence & Insights Leader

As the pioneering leader in Prospect Intelligence & Insights, we guide businesses towards informed decisions, making innovation our hallmark for actionable insights. Unleashing data's power we redefine analytics with nimble strategies.

  • Elevating businesses through cutting-edge strategies
  • Transforming data into a powerful tool for success
  • Dedicated to propelling your business forward
  • Intelligence, precision, and unwavering commitment

How Does ProPlus Data Work

Account Analysis

Our process starts with meticulous firmographic insights, ensuring a deep understanding of your unique needs and goals.

Intelligence Insights

We deliver technographics insights and Next Tech Purchases (NTP), revealing the crucial details that shape your strategic approach.

EDM and Voice

Through EDM and voice verification, we confirm interest and deliver targeted messages directly to your audience.