Our 360° Solutions to Identify Potential Audience

01 Contact and Company Profiles

Identify your Ideal Prospect Profile with the help of our contact profiles, like the contact’s email, phone number, designation, interests, behaviour, activity, etc. 

02 Intelligence (Persona & Account Level)

We provide additional intelligence to help identify low-hanging fruits like company insights, key behavioural intelligence, skillset intelligence, hardware and software information, analytics tools, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, IT landscape, etc.

We give you deeper insight into the contact’s sentiments towards your products and preferred communication media. You get a 360-degree view on the interaction history of contact, whether interactions are based on SAP or CRM documents, C4c leads, campaigns, or derived from external channels like email, phone calls, or events.

We help identify current and future customers even without a name, know their engagement through pages visited, profile pattern matches, goals, campaigns and outcomes they have achieved, granular information, M & A, Budget, etc.

This helps you analyze your contacts and better plan which contacts to target for your campaigns and marketing activities.

03 Domain And Social Media Profiles

We use the URL as an input value. We provide them with organizational charts, the type of business they operate, the global and local ranking of their website if they are actively selling online or not, their social media activity (FB page, Twitter page, youtube channels), their competitors, etc.

04 Email Validation

Validate and clean email addresses (personal and corporate). 

Get better email delivery rates, lower bounce rates, and a better reputation from email providers by validating your email address lists. 

ProPlus Email tool validates an email in three key parameters – Format, Existence, and DNS. 

The success rate stands at 100% accuracy and validation.

Use a single email address to validate a single entry or use a file of email addresses to validate multiple entries at once.

05 Mobile & DID (Validated)

We provide validated region-wise direct-inward-dial & mobile numbers to reach out to your Ideal Prospect Profile. Validated numbers reduce the time to connect and significantly increases your dial-to-connect ratio. 

06 Technographic Intelligence

We help you segment your target market based on software and hardware technology deployment.

Technographics is the profiling of target accounts based on their technology stack and is useful in marketing and prospect prioritization. Much like demographics and psychographics, technographic profiling is a market segmentation criteria built upon the technology they use.

The tools and applications companies use, provide insight into their tech buying habits, how they work, the challenges they face, and what tech they’ll buy next.

    07 Tech Adoption

    Technology adoption refers to the acceptance, integration, and use of new technology in a company. Having an understanding of the adoption of digital technology in a company helps identify tech trends and discover appropriate customers for a product.

    08 Tech Data Spend

    We can tell you which account is spending a particular amount on technology for their company. This helps you know the spending capacity of the account.

      09 Product Detection in an Account

      Detect software or hardware products in an account with the first and last detected date.

      10 Firmographic Data

      Firmographic data is a set of characteristics like Industry type, Company size, location, revenue, and other financial data, that is used to segment companies.

        11 Data Audit & Enrichment

        Data audits help you to test the accuracy of existing data in your CRM. The data that seems relevant to you today might become stale tomorrow. To cleanse and enrich your data, it is critical to conduct an audit to assess gaps, errors, and duplicates in your CRM database.

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